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You call a spectator and ask him to be your assistant, then you dress him like a magician (actually you give him to wear a "poncho" with, in front, a silhouette of a smoking;  it look very strange and funny).

After some some byplay, you decide that is better a female assistant for your next trick, so you rip down the front of the jacket of your assistant , and immediately he appear to be dressed as an elegant woman  (of course, your assistant !) .


Then you call other two spectators to help you; you knot two ropes around your "assistant" and you give the end of the ropes to the spectators.


You explain that, at the 3, the spectators have to pull the ropes.

The spectators pull the ropes, the ropes pass trough the body of your "assistant",   ripping off the "costume"....    Now the audience watch the "assistant" in a funny underwear suit with bra and big pants... .

THE ASSISTANT  is a great and original comedy trick, the smoking  "jacket" have a real pocket in front, so you can use it for to produce cards or small object before to start with the routine of changing clothes. The routine has a great audience involvement and is very visual. Is a perfect trick for comedy and parlour magician, MC or Clown.

Each piece is professionally sewed by a theatre costume maker and will last. Each silhouette has many 3D details for to look more real (the smoking have a real pocket, Papillion, buttons; the Lady dress have a necklace, a belt...).                        Price: 300 Euro






This is absolutely the BEST glass breaker on the market.

Not only will break 2 glass and not only one, but will break it when suspended upside down and covered all around.

Plus it give a logical routine.

It is not enough just to place a glass on a table, to "concentrate", and to have the glass exploding in pieces. In this version you show 5 glass and ask a spectator to check all and to write with a marker the number from 1 to 5 (or you can use ESP symbol, if you wish). After you put the glass as in the picture and cover all with the plastic case; the spectator choose 2 numbers (or symbols), you concentrate and after a short time the glass with the chosen number explode ! The plastic cover offer not only more mystery, but prevent that all the glass pieces fall on the stage. Everything is self contained with a timer that allow you to have a delay from 5 till 45 sec. (much more sure then remote control, no battery, no risk !).

Come complete with transport case, base, cover (all fit in the case)              Price: 900 Euro






A beautiful effect not much seen: each time you open a fan it change color and design.

If a model with 4 colors it is more seen on the market, this offer the possibility to have 8 changes !

From Black to Red with a golden dragon, Ivory with a beautiful Phoenix, Dark Red with Lotus, Blue with Masks, light green with peacock tails and, finally, multicolor Rainbow.                                                                Price: 65 Euro




"PRESTO"  Russian roulette with Spray Paint


Effect:  The magician invite 4 spectator on the stage for to make a test; he show to everyone a small table with five object on it, each covered with a bag; at this moment nobody know what it is hidden in the bags.


 The magician, now, give to one spectator a set of five jumbo cards numbered from 1 to 5 explaining that he have to choice one number, without to show it to nobody and, then, he have to give the other cards to another spectator, wich will do the same; at the end only one card will be left, this will be for the magician.


 Without to look the number left on his card, the magician ask to each spectator if he want to change his card with the card left; ONLY when everyone is satisfied (they can change as many times as they want) the magician tell to show the cards.

Now the magician show again the table and take out the five bags showing five black spray paint can; to each can correspond a number from 1 to 5, the spectators must take the can with the number that correspond to the chosen one and the can with the number of the magician is left on the table.

The magician open his jacket and instruct each spectator to shake the can and to SPRAY directly on his shirt…, one after other the spray can chosen do not work… the magician shirt is safe !

 “What could have happen– tell the magician– if you did not left this can to me? “ the magician instruct one spectator to take the can left on the table (he will never touch it) and to shake it, then he take a big note pad and draw a shirt on it, after this the magician tell to the spectator to spray ON THE SHIRT DRAW ON THE PAPER… the can work perfectly and the draw is covered with black paint… .


NOTE: Spectators may change mind as much as they want, the magician will really know the number left only when every card is turned; ONLY one spray can is really working and the spectator can check all the cans at the end.

Come complete with 5 special spray cans,  velvet bags, table, numbered cards, accessories for to perform the trick, transportation bag.                                                 Price:  600 Euro




 (Made to order - allow 3-4 weeks)



This table look normal even up close, but when you want it start to rotate and move like a ghost live inside !


...Do the Spirit return ?


Use it for a "seance" style performance or for to impress your guests at home.

It is completely under your control at any time you want it to start to "rattle".

 Beautifully made in exoctic wood, the table can be dismantled in 3 parts for easy transport (see picture).



 A transport case can be also specially made to order for to protect the table


Each one is made by order (3-4 weeks for delivery).


                                                            Price 1500 Euro





(Only ONE left - No more production)


Based on the "Abbot Arm Amputation" this  version look much more natural and logical.

You ask a spectator to place his arm inside a box everyone can see the arm coming inside.

 as there are 2 cut out window on the front.


You insert now 2 metal blades on the top, cutting in 2 the arm of the spectator (that it is still visible).

When you open the 2 small doors on the front and back, the middle part of the spectator's arm is gone !

It look magical also very close !


The box have been made in hard plastic and decorated for to look as an antique box with some brass details, this save a lot on the weight of the prop.                               Price: 550 Euro

                    LAST AVAILABLE






 You show a torch and immediatly it split ina fan of five torch. A second later the torch change in a silver cane.

Well made gimmick and cane, will last for long time with a minimum care.                           Price: 55 Euro






This is the best snake in the basket effect ojn the market.

Completely remote controlled, with 4 functions: Snake up/down, shake the basket, squirt water (snake "cry"), cards fly out of basket (card fountain).

First the snake come up with the WRONG card in the mouth, then you say thay he is wrong and he come back in the basket and start to cry (water); you say him to search well and he start to shake inside the basket, then he throw all the card out (card fountain) and come out with the right card in the mouth. As a finale, he come again on the basket and come out with a banner in the mouth with written "THE END" (or you can add any text).

This version work with Jumbo cards, so it is visible also on a large stage; the snake come out of the basket for nearly 1,5 m. ! If you put the baske on a small stool you can see the snake in the eyes !

Very well made.                                 Price: 2300 Euro