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Effect:  The magician invite 4 spectator on the stage for to make a test; he show to everyone a small table with five object on it, each covered with a bag; at this moment nobody know what it is hidden in the bags.

 The magician, now, give to one spectator a set of five jumbo cards numbered from 1 to 5 explaining that he have to choice one number, without to show it to nobody and, then, he have to give the other cards to another spectator, wich will do the same; at the end only one card will be left, this will be for the magician.

 Without to look the number left on his card, the magician ask to each spectator if he want to change his card with the card left; ONLY when everyone is satisfied (they can change as many times as they want) the magician tell to show the cards.

Now the magician show again the table and take out the five bags showing five black spray paint can; to each can correspond a number from 1 to 5, the spectators must take the can with the number that correspond to the chosen one and the can with the number of the magician is left on the table.

The magician open his jacket and instruct each spectator to shake the can and to SPRAY directly on his shirt…, one after other the spray can chosen do not work… the magician shirt is safe !

 “What happened– tell the magician– if you do not left this can to me? “ the magician instruct one spectator to take the can left on the table (he will never touch it) and to shake it, then he take a big note pad and draw a shirt on it, after this the magician tell to the spectator to spray ON THE SHIRT DRAW ON THE PAPER… the can work perfectly and the draw is covered with black paint… .

NOTE: There is no force of the numbers, spectators may change mind as much as they want, the magician will really know the number left only when every card is turned; the spray can are not gimmicked, ONLY one is working and the spectator can check all the cans at the end.


Come complete with 5 special spray cans,  velvet bags, table, numbered cards, accessories for to perform the trick, transportation bag .


 Price550 Euro + shipping





This is a very funny prop that it is possible to use in many ways.

Basically work as the electric chair but with the additional gag of the falling legs: when the spectator lift the stool all the four legs fall apart.

The electric shock is remote controlled (battery operated with 9 AA 1,5 V battery) and the system for the falling legs is mechanic and very easy to operate.

You can move on the stage the stool how many time you want without the legs fall yet, with a simple touch, the stool it is ready for to loose the legs.

The shock it is soft, not to harm the spectator, but simply for to give him the feeling of a “something” strange. You can use with adults and children, the adult take the shock and the child lift the stool making the legs fall. There is really a lot of possibility.

Made all in Baltic birch wood lacquered in beautiful Mahogany colour, electronic are of the best component, making this stool a real professional items.

Price:  350 Euro + Shipping




You call a spectator and ask him to be your assistant, then you dress him like a magician (actually you give him to wear a "poncho" with, in front, a silhouette of a smoking;  it look very strange and funny).

After some some byplay, you decide that is better a female assistant for your next trick, so you rip down the front of the jacket of your assistant , and immediately he appear to be dressed as an elegant woman  (of course, your assistant !) .

Then you call other two spectators to help you; you knot two ropes around your "assistant" and you give the end of the ropes to the spectators.

You explain that, at the 3, the spectators have to pull the ropes.

The spectators pull the ropes, the ropes pass trough the body of your "assistant",   ripping off the "costume"....    Now the audience watch the "assistant" in a funny underwear suit with bra and big pants... .

THE ASSISTANT  is a great and original comedy trick, the smoking  "jacket" have a real pocket in front, so you can use it for to produce cards or small object before to start with the routine of changing clothes. The routine has a great audience involvement and is very visual. Is a perfect trick for comedy and parlour magician, MC or Clown.

Each piece is professionally sewed by a theatre costume maker and will last. Each silhouette has many 3D details for to look more real (the smoking have a real pocket, Papillion, buttons, the Lady dress have a necklace, a belt...).

Price: 225 Euro + shipping




The spectator chooses a card that is dispersed in the deck.  You put the cards into the basket, and you announce that inside there is your collaborator that will find the card cleverly (BUBU the prodigious snake) you call it, and stunning the public it goes out from the basket BUBU a nice snake that however it has fished the wrong card. You reproach it but it become rabid shaking in the basket at this point it cries  (14 foot of sprinkle !) wetting  the public. Now the Snake, throwing  the cards into the air ,  returns out  with the correct card. Finally out  again with a beautiful poster THE END. Material and electronic components of high guaranteed quality .

The Illusion is completely remote controlled (4 functions: up and down for to take the cards and the poster, moving basket, squirt water, card fountain0

Ready in two version:

Price with Poker size cards:   2000 Euro + Shipping

Price with Jumbo size cards:  2400 Euro + Shipping




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  - M.W.M. -
 The Mini Washing Machine


 The magician shows a miniature washing machine and tells that its time to wash his costume.

He opens machines back, front and top and show that its empty. Then he shows a miniature of a dirty shirt, socks and towel and inserts them inside the machine from the top.

After that the performer pours a glass of water inside the machine, closes the top and spins the machine turning it upside down.

The machine has did her job ! From the top now exit a fresh and white shirt, cleaned socks and towel !

The magician opens again the box and show that inside its no trace of other dresses, but after closing the back and top of the box, he remembers that its allways better to pour out the dirty water; so he turns the machine to the left and pours dirty black water inside a glass !

The washing machine is beautifully handmade with a real foam and water in the front ! (when you move or spin it, it look as a real washing process). The gimmick is well made an waterproof.

Price: 150 Euro + shipping




This is one of those great items that you see every once in a great while. Each piece is hand-crafted, made in Europe, and built to last. Magician produces a fan of cards and tosses them into the air. Immediately, the cards transform into a beautiful top hat. This is perfect for any magician, manipulation act, and can even be used in conjunction with a Cane to Table as a dazzling opener.

No skill is required -- self-working.

Price: 200 Euro + Shipping

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The performer shows a set of 10 differents cards. In each card is printed a simple design in bright colors (black, blue, red, green and yellow).    One spectator is asked to think one design and to draw it using the matching felt markers .

Without to ask ANY question, the magician is able to duplicate the egual design with the same colors !

- The spectator never shows or picks the card with the draw, honly thinks it  

- The choice of the draw is COMPLETELY free (no force)

- The  magician never  see  what the spectator draws, he can be  turned, blindfolded or in another room

- The simple  and naive  style of the draws,  allow  you to present this  trick  as  a  mental effect  both  for  adults or for children (perfect for school show) or in a comedy way (cabaret / parlour)

Price: 35 Euro + Shipping



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